Don't let your customers slow you down.

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    What Is Factoring?

    Freight factoring is a way to get paid for your work without having to wait for the customer to pay your invoice. More and more businesses are telling owner operators that it could take as long as 90 days to receive payment. Cash flow will kill your business. And yes, at surface level the primary reason businesses fail is they simply run out of cash. Freight factoring helps your business continue to meet expenses by paying for today’s bills with today’s cash. CST Financial Services provides a loan, today, against the value of your invoice. You receive the cash now, CST Financial collects the invoice from your customer at a much later date.

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    Advantages of Factoring

    - No Monthly Minimum
    - No Set-up Fees
    - No Hidden Fees
    - Customer Invoicing
    - Free Customer Credit Checks
    - Competitive Flat Rates
    - Direct Deposit Funding In 24 Hours Or Less
    - Nation Wide Network
    - Short Term Contracts Available
    - Customer Packet Set Up

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    Why Factor with CST?

    Your success is our success. CST Financial Services knows the process and paperwork trail required for owner operators to run a business. We handle so much more than just loaning you money. CST Financial acts like your home office. We handle customer/carrier setups, rate confirmations, fuel advances, processing paperwork for your customer, sending you accounting information, collections, and filing on brokers bonds if necessary. Most importantly, CST Financial maintains ongoing credit checks on your customers. We are your partner to ensure that you succeed.

Lets Talk About Factoring

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